Travelogue - Valparai - Topslip Travel Guide

Travelogue - Valparai - Topslip Travel Guide

I was planning to take a break from this summer. But even after many weeks, tight schedules at work and personal work kept me from doing it. There was only one reason that I wanted to go to valparai is, It has been tempted me many years on its nature and articles around me on the web portal, Now I had selected to explore the same to its maximum. 

Saturday May 15 turned out and started from Pondicherry along with my childhood friend Mr.Arunagiri. He had scheduled marriage event at Coimbatore for his friend, so we both had decided to merge our tour scheduled with the event. We had scripted the tour plan - Start from Saturday afternoon after completion of work directly from office to go the Coimbatore via - Villupuram - Salem - Coimbatore - Pollachi - Valparai - Pollachi - Topslip - coimbatore - Marudamalai - coimbatore - Villupuram - Pondicherry.   Saturday afternoon 13:00hrs we had started, reached Villupuram by 14.00hrs.  Since this day was week end, We were unable to get any buses till 20 minutes, Finally by luck, We got a seat one row before the last row of the bus,  came from chennai to salem.  Eventhough we have got the window seat, We have felt the summer heat at it's maximum level. Non-Stop travel without any break, the bus has reached the salem bus terminal at 18:35 hrs.

While traveling in the bus , I have decided to catch the Intercity coimbatore express from salem at 19:20hrs. We took a local bus and reached Salem Junction at 18:50hrs. We want to take some tea since summer heat has dehydrated our body completley. Sine the time is too short, we took a train ticket from counter quickly. We both had nice coffee at junction shop and took a food parcel. I would like to place a complimentary note to Salem Junction officials that the station has kept neat and clean.

As usual the train was bit late and reached the Salem Junction at 19:30hrs, with open ticket, we are unable to find the sitting, my friend was totally tired and badly wanted for a rest, and summer has beaten him. We were told by one of the co-passenger that will get a seat at erode junction, that after 45minutes of travel, We both have got seat at erode junction, and completed our dinner at train itself. Due to the signal problem, train has reached at Coimbatore at 22:35hrs, behind 20minutes on its.

The Railway junction was busy, by the time left from junction, the dark cloudy sky came up with lightning and thunder as its maximum. The Wind has brought cold wave air which made us very much comfortable from summer wave journey. Stayed at a decent lodge, which was booked from Mr.Arunagiri's friend. 

May 16, we woke up early, attended friend's marriage and conveyed our heartful wishes to the married couples; we had a nice food over there. The marriage arrangements and receptions were good.  At 9:30am left from marriage hall, reached Ukkadam Bus Terminal. We boarded Pollachi bus at 10:20am I estimated 1hr travel time. Ukkadam is one of the main bus terminals of Coimbatore, from this origin Pollachi, Palani, Udumalai and Palakad buses are running.  We sat comfortably in the middle and slept till the end of the journey.  

The Junk pollachi bus terminal was over crowded when we arrived at 11:30am. I hope the travelers are not happy the way the local authorities are keeping the junction.  We want to catch the Valaprai bus and waited....Waited for 20 Minutes, We had planned to go to Monkeyfalls which is on the way to Valparai.  We were told that valapari bus will reach faster than any other bus to Monkeyfalls.  We have witnessed that over crowded passengers were trying to reach Valparai and we scared and thinking how to get the seat if bus arrived.  In the course of our thinking, One bus has arrived incidentally and the conductor has informed that this will go to monkyfalls.  While coming to pollachi, the co-passenger has informed me that monkyfalls has enough water and nice place to enjoy. 

Monkey falls:  12:15pm we were reached the Monkey falls and unable to perform further since it has no water. It has well situated on the way to Valparai, We were simply spent some time with natures silence and beauty.

We had decided to go to valparai without any second thought.  As the day was Sunday and that too middle of summer holidays makes all public transport vehicles fully packed without entering any air. Hence it took 30minutes for us to get the next bus, which was at 13:30 and we got the bus towards valparai. 

The mini bus was also took 3 times over it's capacity, We traveled travel with standing,  surrounded by jam packed passengers, It was a bit difficult travel since we were unable to turn and move our leg/body over 2 hours.  Afternoon traffic was considerably light, this road was very good without any dig, and traffic lines are laid in good manner almost the entire stretch.   40 highly dangerous hairpins curves and bordered by huge old tamarind trees took us to reach Valapari.  The travel scenery was very nice my words are not enough to express. 

Valaparai:   40 hairpins bend up, and we were in Valparai 15:30hrs, we didn't feel hungry since we took nice food at morning at marriage, but we want to have and some sip of nice tea. The Valaparai city has kept us with pleasant with its nature and climate. We both have felt good, as on its conditions.  The holiday - Sunday was made it fully crowded to bus terminal. We understood that local tea estates workers will come from their places to main junction to purchase on their weekly needs, only on Sunday.  We want to go to Balaji Temple which is located 10KM from Valparai main bus terminal.   

Balaji Temple:  We were told to catch Akkamalai Bus to reach Balaji Temple, which was constructed and maintaining by Tea estate industries at top of the hill.  Waited....Waited..... and Waited till to we get leg pain to moderate.   Finally at 17:00 hrs, We boarded the bus and reached the Balaji temple by 45minutes travel. Road path way surrounded by landslide tea plants and sky scrapper trees brings more joy and beautiful to eye's of travelers.  We put off our luggage in the baggage room in a shop, and with Free hand - 500mts we walk through and reached the Balaji Temple.  This temple is constructed and managed by Private Tea Estate firm, No money have been collected from public so far. The variety of Colorful flowers and greenery plants are added more attraction to the temple. The way they are maintaining the temple and its atmosphere are simply amazing.  We had dharshan to Lord Balaji, we were amazed the way of it's architectures, location and maintenance by the firm. We took a time and would like to place a notable hat off to the organizers and its firm.  After spending 30minuts, while return we were surrounded by mists and the lovely atoshmospire took me into the new world.  I simply loved the nature and its creations.....  While returning from temple, 2 buses one by one were crossed within a minutes towards down hills at our eye sight. We were unable to trace those buses.   The Bus stop, shop owner has informed us that next bus will be available at 20.00hrs only, now time is 18:45hrs.  We don't want to waste the time and want reach to pollachi as soon as possible.

Further the shop owner itself told us that the alternative travel availability. We had walked almost 800 meters though dark and surrounded by think tea garden plantations and land fall.   We had luck; one villager has helped us to find the direction to short cut to reach another bus terminal where we can get the mini auto/traveler van.  We diverted to land slide tea plantation path instead of road way, since the dark and misted sky makes us more interesting while walking towards down hill.  I must quote, I think we had borrowed lucky time with Loard Balaji, One Maruthi Omini has crossed, I just singled to raise my right hand for lift.  The Omini Driver has stopped and we boarded the van. The Van driver seems to have hand sum of experience by the way he drew.  We reached sooner to the bus terminal before time.  

We had limited our dinner at Valparai bus stand and forward to down - Pollachi. We reached the bus terminal at 20:15hrs, found together in large number of passengers standing at bus terminal. Bus Tempo and Terminal both are next to the one.  One of the waiting passengers has said that he has been waiting since 17:00hrs with family. All the buses were loaded 3 times of its capacity. The fears were caught up to us.  The hill station has limited number of stay rooms and difficult to put up. The only possibility is to go down or wait entire full night at bus terminal with red caught chillness.  We were decided to go down.  With the Mop, I too joined to fight to the Govt. Transport Manger at his service station and demanding to operate additional buses.  Approximately 150+ more passengers were standing up in front of the bus station gate and we agitated and demanded for additional buses.  The police officials also came up to help, but the frustrated passenger like me has given equally tough fight to address the issues. After the very long conversation with passengers, Police officials and Transport authorities, They were decided to run 2 additional buses to pollachi to mange the crowed passengers. By the time, we had decided not to wait for seat and even standing also enough, to continue the travel. Valaparai to Pollachi travel time approximately 2:30hrs to 3:00hrs. 

We got the bus, but unable to got the seat for sit. We decided to continue travel by 3hrs standing. The bus was fully loaded 3times of its capacity. After 10Minutes of travel, the driver found that headlight was not working and unable to rectify on his own. The bus again came back to square one - starting point. Bus Shed Technician has verified and unable to rectify the same. The Transport officials has arranged alternate bus at 10:30PM,  Again this time also we were not able to perform our body/leg/hand moment, Stand Still as on when boarded, we reached Pollachi at 00:45hrs on 17th May 2010.  My both leg knee were little swelled and felt the pain at some extend. Tomorrow is final day of our tour and Topslip was our scheduled and bus will start from 06:10hrs from pollachi bus terminal.   After the 2nd attempt, we got the room at below average lodge @ Rs.250/day,  

Topslip: Went to bed late on May 17 - around 1.00 AM and managed to sleep till 5.20 AM only - cause the excitement of Topslip Travel.  I was keeping me to motivate my self and ready within 15minuts. But My friend Mr.Arunagiri was more slippy and tired of over night journey.  He want to take a rest, but I wanted to travel and I stick on my plan, irrespective of the situation.  I remembered and exercised, the way, how mother can treat the school going children from the bed...... Finally succeeded. He woke up and ready by 5:55am.  We checked out the room and waiting at bus terminal for TOPSLIP Bus which is scheduled at 06:10am.  This time the passengers were limited and we comfortably got the seat at front of the bus which is a good place to see the natures and its animals.  The Bus has started from 6:25am from terminal, after 30 minutes travel, stopped at Tea Shop to have a break. This bus will en-route topslip to Parambikulam  Topslip is not a height, but it has variety of animals on it's own.  At 7:30, we reached Topslip, Govt of Tamilnadu forest office is working with cottages, canteen, tourist center and other operations.  We were informed that 25 seated Van - Rs.700/trip will take into the forest which includes the Elephant training and living area maintained by TN forest. Trekking also available Rs.500 / 5 people for 2 hours programme. But only 4 people are behind with them for arranging the tour, Meanwhile they have been informed us to take the food from canteen which is running by forest management.  We too a food from there and while interacting with forest guard, came to know that by luck only we can see the animals and it's not worth to move this time ( 9:30).  Further they added that early morning hours only we can have time to see the animals.  Govt of Tamilandu is arranging Elephant safari, which is starting at 11:00am in topslip.  

Topslip has 2 check post, one from Tamilnadu and another from Kerala Government. Parambikulam is located at top of the topslip which is coming under Kerala Government. Topslip is under tamilnadu Government. Two Governments forest officials are working towards protect and maintaining the forest greenery and wild animals.  Parambikulam has more nature scenery and more wiled animals then topslip. Those who need to travel and enjoy, they must get the travel pass from Kerala Govt. Forest officials at entrance of the topslip.  Kerala government is running separate wild animals tour Rs.140/head at parambikulam for that Tickets has to be collected from topslip Kerala checkpost.

We both walked about 30 minutes and visited Medical Plantation museum. Read some useful tips and saw some plantation which was never seen before. Meanwhile we enquired that Kerala Govt has running the bus sevice to Perambikulam from Palakad via Pollachi, which cross topslip by 11:15am towards Perambikulam.  Since we have not taken side scenery tour, we want to explore the place through the route transport vehicles.  The Bus has reached on time; we boarded the bus and took the ticket for last stop of the bus, Paid Rs.25/- for both. We both were sat comfortably front seat of the bus to explore more from our eye view point.

Nature scenery is amazing and really felt happy; my friend Arunagiri's body language shows quit excitements from morning session. The bus path has routed through sharp curve and riverside which added more interesting in our travel. on the way to the perambikulam we have witnessed some wild animals like Dawn, Deer, Elephants, Peacock, birds ( not known the name).   Appropriate Sign boards are cautions and information to the drivers and travelers place to place where it's necessary.  We have seen many bamboo trees as a group complete stretch of the forest as we traveled. 

The travel not only given the pleasant mind to us, also educated necessary and needs of the greenery and wild animals for our world.  The Bus finally reached at Parambikulam Village, It comes under Kerala region.  We took a sip of style tea, and waited 15 minutes to return back along with the same bus at 12:45hrs.   The drivers and conductors are friendly to possible extend, to help the passengers and villagers. they are the main messengers to isolated forest villages.  Three nature scenery view points also we have seen while traveling.

The Bus has passed through topslip at 13:15hrs, we have seen some tourists were traveled Elephant safari. One small dear has luckily escaped from our bus and it disappeared at lightning speed.  The bus has finally reached the down - Pollachi bus terminal at 14:45hrs. As usual I thanked driver for his wonderful job with smiley.  

We took lunch; we have booked Puducherry Express at 00:15hrs at pothanur Junction. Since we have lot of time we simply moved with relax mind to Coimbatore to visit Marudamalai, Temple for Murugan located at top to the small hill.  At 18:00 hours, we reached Marudamali through Ukkadam - Gandhi busstand - Marudamalai, through local bus service. 

Marudamalai: At 18:15hrs, we reached temple through local bus service ran by Temple authorities. Darshan at the temple was hassle free as it was working day 60 minutes we took to complete the dharshan with relax mood.

We reached the Pothanur Railway Junction by 20:45hrs, As soon as we got down from the bus, drizzle has started. We wait for a while and took small dinner, We were at junction at 21:30hrs.  Since we had enough time, We sat and hit mosquito's, unable to do so when times up.  We purchased Mosquito Coil 2 numbers and created smoke from that to hit mosquito. At this point I must say to you, Your travel bag must have mosquito's cream to avoid it's bite, It's a wise and wider decision to manage the show. 

Finally boarded the train at 00:30hrs - 18th May 2010.  The starting and middle of the journey was bit difficult, but our return journey went pleasantly.  One fair girl smiled over good gestures, I acknowledged, opposite to my birth seat and so on...........  :) :) :)   

I enjoyed each and every moment of the journey and one must take a time to visit and explore the greenery world yearly once. We reached pondichery at 08:15hrs on 18th May 2010. 

I did not feel any fatigue at all - in fact I was supercharged by the time I reached office.


P Karuangaran. 

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